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Yestertime Songs for Children

by Wendy Loder

A wonderful introduction to gentle classical singing, these songs range from brisk little stories about birds, the sea, then slow down with prayers and lullabies.
I've had the idea of making a special album of beautiful songs that would be especially appealing to children ever since finding out I was going to have a child of my own (Samantha was born Feb. 8, 2000). I wanted this collection of song to reflect how much I love singing, and to bring the magic of stories and music together for children of all ages.

Some of the songs have a deep personal connection for …
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by Eric Symons, Wendy Loder, Patrick Imbimbo

Two virtuoso classical guitarists and an exquisite soprano, who also is a superb violinist, combine their talents on this unique album with music from Italy, France, Spain and even an original composition.
Serenata is a diverse collection of pieces performed by Eric Symons and Patrick Imbimbo on guitar and the talented coloratura soprano/violinist Wendy Loder. Featured are original arrangements of popular operatic, piano and orchestral classics in the Italian and Spanish traditions. “For us the possibilities were endless. This is a new concept. Two guitars can be an orchestra, and with Wendy, an operetta!” according to Eric Symons, who arranged and composed for this new release.

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